Cultural entrepreneur

About Adrian Cheng:
Founder of The Artisanal Movement & EUNOIA
Founder of K11 & K11 Art Foundation
Founder of Culture for Tomorrow

The Cultural Entrepreneur, Mr. Adrian Cheng is widely recognised as a cultural leader and a Millennials and Gen Z experts, who’s constantly forging cross-cultural collaborations and innovations.

Adrian orchestrated cross-culture & boundaries dialogue and partnerships that bring inspirations and influences to the community.

About The Artisanal Movement
The Artisanal Movement, founded by Mr. Adrian Cheng, the muse behind EUNOIA, is a cultural vision, a philosophy for living. In the age of machines, we want to celebrate something more human and kindle the artisan spirit in us. Through Collect, Connect, Collide, The Artisanal Movement becomes an incubator for ideas, and a channel for audience to experience them.